Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 7

Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 7

Interesting Videos of Some of the Philosophy Grads Mentioned Above:

    1. Steve Martin comedy skit on the death of Socrates—link.
    2. Wallace Shawn classic comedic display of logic from The Princess Bridelink.
    3. Larry Sanger address at Reed College—link.
    4. Rebecca Goldstein debating Peter Atkins on the value of philosophy—link.
    5. Peter Thiel sharing some business tips—link.
    6. Philip K. Dick interview on his book underlying Blade Runnerlink.
    7. George Soros (who studied under Sir Karl Popper) lectures on his theory of reflexivity—link.
    8. Susan Sarandon interview—link.
    9. Elmore Leonard on his writing career—.link.
    10. Clips from classic movies based on Elmore Leonard books—link.
    11. Carly Fiorina CSIS interview on her career—link.
    12. A reminiscence of Martin Gardner—link.
    13. Eva Chen interview on her company Micro Trend—.link.
    14. The Ricky Gervais show on philosophy—link.
    15. Wes Anderson interview on his films—link.
    16. Wall Street Week interview with Carl Icahn on his career—link.
    17. Juan Williams on American education—link.

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