Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 2

Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 2

Graduate school in philosophy:

Many such students often think of going on to graduate school in philosophy, with the hope of landing a tenure-track position at a college and being a professional philosopher. I have put together a number of links such students can follow to see which graduate philosophy programs are the best. I would advise such students to be careful in the selection of their graduate school, since some departments have far greater success in placing their Ph.D.’s in tenure-track positions than do other departments. And I would advise the prospective graduate student to research carefully the availability of teaching positions, the average salaries offered, and the funding available for the pursuit of the Ph.D.

Here are some sites that can be of help:

  1. Philosophical Gourmet rankings of grad programs of philosophy—link.
  2. American Philosophical Association 2014 guide to graduate philosophy—link.
  3. ranking of departments, placement records—.link.
  4. on job records for graduates—link.
  5. advice on grad programs—link.
  6. UCR prof’s thoughts on applying to grad school and getting a tenure track position—link.

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