Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 3

Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 3

Professional programs especially appropriate for students with BA philosophy degrees:

There are a number of professional degrees for which a BA in philosophy is an especially powerful foundation. Typically, the student pursues either a Master”™s degree in the relevant area, either traditionally by attending college (full- or part-time), or by taking courses online and earning a degree that way. In some cases, besides getting the relevant Master”™s degree, the student needs to obtain a credential or license as well. These professions include (among others): Business Administration; Counseling; Creative Writing; Education; Journalism; Law; Library and Information Science; and Ministry/Religion.

In fact, many distinguished professionals were philosophy students in college.

In business administration, this includes:

In creative writing, this includes:

In education, this includes:

In journalism (including political columnists, science columnists, and movie/art/literary critics), this includes:

In the law, this includes:

In the ministry, this includes:

Here are a number of useful sites, grouped by profession:

      1. CareerKarma report on the IT skills most in demand today…link.
      2. To continue your education by taking college courses on line, Accredited Schools Online has a site called The Ultimate MOOC Handbook…link.
      3. organization for information on Masters programs available online…link.
      4. See also the Center for School, College and Career Resources website for enhancing your education…link.
      5. Business administration-the professional degree is the Master”™s in Business Administration (MBA). Some relevant sites:
        1. Wiki discussion of the MBA degree … link.
        2. on a career in teaching…link.
        3. Forbes article on ten reasons to get an MBA—link.
        4. Forbes list of top MBA schools—link.
        5. OnlineMBA webpage on getting the MBA by distance learning…link.
        6. Online MBA programs…link.
        7. Best online MBA programs…link.
        8. MBA scholarships…link.
        9. GMAT tips and tricks…link.
        10. Online MBA programs and majors…link.
        11. Financial Times of London ranking of business schools worldwide—link.
        12. Financial Times on what these rankings mean—link.
        13. Wharton School of Management curriculum—link.
        14. Grantham University online MBA program…link.
        15. CSUF Mihaylo College of Business and Economics graduate programs (MBA programs, MS programs in accounting, information systems, taxation, and the MA in economics—link.
        16. page ranking online MBA programs…link.
        17. has a page on online bachelor’s programs in business administration…link. 
      6. Counseling-the professional degree is the Master”™s in Counseling, and there are credentials (such as the MFT credential) required. Some relevant sites:
        1. on becoming a counselor…link.
        2. on becoming a counselor…link.
        3. on online degrees in counseling…link.
        4. Best On-line Master’s programs in counseling…link.
        5. Online degree programs in school counseling…link.
        6. Ph.D. programs in counseling…link.
        7. American Counseling Association choosing a career in counseling—link.
        8. Counseling Today symposium on the future of the profession—link.
        9. CACREP on why one becomes a counselor—link.
        10. org guide to counseling and Master”™s programs—link.
        11. com guide on careers in counseling—link.
        12. com on how to become a counselor—link.
        13. CSUF Master”™s in counseling—link.
        14. on careers in psychology…link.
        15. on careers in counseling…link.
      7. Creative writing-the professional degree is the Master”™s of Fine Arts (MFA). Some relevant sites:
        1. Poets and Writers Magazine database of writing MFA programs—link.
        2. Atlantic Magazine discussion of what makes a great MFA writing program—link.
        3. com list of the top ten creative writing MFA programs—link.
        4. Ryan Boudinot on what makes a good MFA student—link.
      8. Education-the relevant degree here is the Master”™s in Education (M.Ed.), and a teaching credential is usually needed as well. Some relevant sites:
        1. Explanation of the degree—link.
        2. explanation of the profession—link.
        3. Maryville University explanation of the profession…link
        4. Best online Masters programs in education…link.
        5. Best online PhDs in education…link.
        6. Comprehensive Guide to an Online Teaching Degree…link.
        7. How to become a teacher…link.
        8. site rating online masters programs in education…link.
        9. com site on credentialed Master”™s programs—link.
        10. Arkansas State University online MS programs in education…link.
        11. CSUF Master”™s in Education—link.
        12. American University site on how to become a teacher…link.
        13. page on how to do an effective resume for getting a teaching job…link.
        14. guide to careers in education…link.
        15. guide to becoming a private school teacher…link.
        16. guide to becoming an ESL teacher…link.
        17. guide t0 becoming a special ed teacher…link.
      9. Journalism-the professional degree is the Master”™s of Science or the Master”™s of Professional Studies in Journalism. Some relevant sites:
        1. rankings of journalism schools—link.
        2. College Magazine”™s ratings of top 20 journalism schools—link.
        3. org on master”™s degree in broadcast journalism—link.
        4. Columbia University School of Journalism website—link.
      10. Law-the professional degree is the Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Here are some relevant sites:
        1. website on taking the LSAT…link.
        2. Purdue University on how well students do on the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT—link.
        3. Tutor the People website on tutoring test prep for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT and others…link.
        4. University of Missouri discussion of why philosophy majors are desired by Law schools—link.
        5. National Jurist on how well classics and philosophy majors are suited for law school—link.
        6. US News rankings of philosophy schools—link.
        7. US News more detailed ranking—link.
        8. Above the Law rankings of law schools (by success of their grads in finding legal work)—link.
      11. Master”™s in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS/MSLIS)
        1. Description of the degree and its usefulness—link.
        2. Accredited MLIS schools—link.
        3. Best Online MLIS programs—link.
        4. A discussion of jobs prospects for MLIS recipients—link.
        5. Complete Guide to Online Programs in Library Science…link.

11.  Nursing programs

a. on how to become an RN…link.

b. on financial aid to nursing students…link.


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