Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 1

Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 1


I have put together this resource center to help students majoring in philosophy-especially those nearing graduation-determine what to do with their degrees. There are five pathways I want to help you explore:

  • Pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy (with the hope of becoming a college instructor).
  • Pursuing a professional degree (a graduate degree that is focused on a specific profession, and that requires no specific undergraduate major to pursue).
  • Pursuing full-time employment in the economy for which a BA degree in philosophy is useful.
  • Pursuing a career in the performing arts.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur, i.e., starting one”™s own business.

In what follows, I have gathered as much useful information as I could find and linked it. I certainly don”™t pretend what I have found is exhaustive, and I welcome any material students and fellow instructors can send me to supplement what is here, as well as any suggestions you might offer.

I also have links to some fascinating videos, showing talks, interviews and performances by some of the famous people who studied philosophy in college.

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