Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 4

Philosophy Major Resource Center – Part 4

Jobs for which the BA in Philosophy is a useful degree:

Many philosophy students plan to work directly after receipt of their BA degrees. Of course, many jobs just require a college degree, and the philosophy degree is as good as or better than most others. But the BA n Philosophy is especially useful in certain jobs, included are many jobs outside of the academic world. Some useful links:

      1. American Philosophical Association major report: “A Non-academic Career?”…link.
      2. The Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies report: “Where next?: Unlocking the potential of your philosophy degree.”…link.
      3. Hofstra University handbook: “What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy?”…link.
      4. University of Kentucky report: “Where can philosophy take me?”…link.
      5. UCSD department of philosophy page: “Careers in Philosophy”…link.
      6. on jobs for philosophy majors…link.
      7. University of Florida philosophy department philosophy major career handbook…link.
      8. University of Maryland philosophy department site on jobs for philosophy grads…link.
      9. University of Wyoming philosophy department: “Why study philosophy?”…link.

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