Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Online Research Tools

Online Research Tools

I. Online Writing Tools

  2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
  5. Quotation search.
  6. One Look dictionary search. (This site allows you many search options, such as searching from part of a word for the whole word).
  7. One Look reverse dictionary. (This site allows you to enter a phrase describing a concept, and get words that express it.)
  8. Dictionary of philosophical terms.

II. Search Engines

  10. compilation of international search engines

III. Online Encyclopedias

  1. Wikipedia.
  3. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.
  4. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  5. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  6. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  7. Scholarpedia.
  8. NIH Medical Encyclopedia.
  9. Freebase internet encyclopedia.
  10. Computer Desktop Encyclopedia. (An encyclopedia of IT terminology).

IV. Online Databases of Scholarly Books and Articles

  1. Gutenberg. (Site has free ebooks, including many philosophical classics).
  2. Bartleby. (Site has free ebooks, again, including philosophical classics).
  3. Project Euclid. (Site allows you to search among many articles on mathematics and statistics).
  4. Project Muse. (Site has a large collection of articles and books, searchable by author or content).
  5. Front for the Mathematics arXiv. (Site is an archive of papers in computer science, logic, math and physics).
  6. PhilSci Archive in the Philosophy of Science. (Site has a database of preprints in the philosophy of science).
  7. PhilPapers. (Site is a database of information about philosophy articles and philosophers).
  8. The Internet Classics Archive. (Site has over 400 works in the classics).
  9. A Miniature Library of Philosophy(Site has numerous classic works in philosophy).
  10. Semantics Archive.

V. Non-technical Philosophical Media Sites

  1. Guide to the World’s Philosophers. (Very short, easy to understand descriptions of the views of well-known philosophers).
  2. Philosophy Now Magazine.
  3. Philosophy Talk. (A radio talk show hosted by John Perry and Ken Taylor).
  4. Econtalk.

VI. Online Open Access (free of charge, no subscription required) Philosophy Journal Sites

  1. Open Journal of Philosophy.
  2. Reason Papers: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Normative Studies.
  3. Minerva: An Online Open Access Journal of Philosophy.
  4. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy.
  5. Journal of Libertarian Studies.
  6. Philosopher’s Imprint.
  7. Libertarian Studies: A Journal of Libertarian Scholarship.
  8. Film-Philosophy.
  9. Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy.
  10. Journal of Ethics and Philosophy.
  11. Philosophy and Theory in Biology.
  12. Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy
  13. Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine.
  14. Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences

VII. Miscellaneous Philosophy Websites

  3. Peter Suber’s Guide to Philosophy on the Internet.
  4. Philosophy Eserver.
  5. Noesis: Philosophical Research Online.
  6. EthicsWeb (applied ethics resources online).
  7. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.
  8. philosophy webpage.
  9. Philosophy around the web.
  10. Philosophical Films.
  11. Fallacy Files (a website of explanations of logical fallacies)
  12. Cinetext–a site with links to many sites that deal with philosophy and film.

VIII. Websites about Jobs for Philosophy Majors

  1. American Philosophical Association major report: “A Non-academic Career?”
  2. The Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies report: “Unlocking the potential of your philosophy degree.”
  3. Hofstra University handbook: “What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy?”
  4. University of Kentucky report: “Where can philosophy take me?”
  5. UCSC department of philosophy webpage listing many careers that philosophy majors can pursue.
  6. University of Denver department of philosophy website: “Careers for Philosophy Majors.”
  7. UCSD philosophy department website: “Careers in Philosophy.”
  8. on jobs for philosophy majors.
  9. University of Florida philosophy department philosophy major’s career handbook.
  10. University of Maryland philosophy department site on jobs for philosophy grads.
  11. Millsaps College department of philosophy website: “Careers for Philosophy Majors.”
  12. NIU Career Center report on careers for philosophy majors.
  13. Georgetown University career center: “What can I do with my Philosophy Major?”
  14. Belmont University: “Where can a philosophy degree lead me?”
  15. University of Wyoming philosophy department: “Why study philosophy?”