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This page contains links to tutorials on various specific topics covered in the classes I teach. I start with a collection of general tutorials on writing critical essays, as most of the courses I teach require my students to write one or more papers. I then have separate collections of tutorials specific to the courses which I am most often called upon to teach: Business Ethics; Critical Thinking; Introduction to Logic; and Symbolic Logic.

Academic Honesty Tutorial – Policy on Cheating

My general policy on cheating can be summarized as follows: Any student who cheats at any time in my class will be given an ”F” for the entire course, and I will turn the incident over to the Chairperson of the Department for whatever further action is required by the College or University. Read More

General Writing Tutorials:

Business Ethics Tutorials:

Critical Thinking Tutorials:

  • Here are some good websites devoted to fallacies: page
  • Critical thinking in news and entertainment media: page
  • Mnemonics for review questions:
    Using mnemonics to remember the answers to the review questions
  • Putting single arguments in standard form:
  • Diagramming multiple arguments:
  • Identifying fallacies:
  • Identifying sales pitches:
  • Identifying political rhetoric:

Introduction to Logic Tutorials:

Symbolic Logic Tutorials: