Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Business Ethics Resource Center | Part 1

Business Ethics Resource Center | Part 1

I. Introduction

To add to and amplify discussions in my lectures, as well as to help you come up with and articulate ideas for your term papers, I have collected a number of links to videos and audio recordings of various lectures and interviews. These I gathered from a variety of sources, but I found several sites especially useful and I wish to acknowledge them. These include:

  1. Econtalk: Russ Roberts, an eminent economist, has for many years interviewed major economists (including a number of Nobel Laureates) and other scholars on a wide range of topics — mainly, but not limited to, economics. These interviews are all on the site.
  2. Intelligence squared debates: Intelligence Squared is a non-partisan organization that conducts debates on various issues of concern to public policy. The debates are scrupulously fair: two panels of two or more experts on opposing sides of an issue try to convince live audiences of their positions.
  3. Khan Academy: this online, free university has video lectures from superstar teachers on a variety of academic subjects.
  4. Open Yale Courses: Yale University has a variety of introductory classes taught by their faculty and available free on line.
  5. Institute of Economic Affairs: This British organization has video lectures and interviews on various policy and economic matters.
  6. Missouri State University: MSU has a number of classroom lectures available for general viewing, including lectures by their law school profs.
  7. Journeyman Pictures: this company produces a wide variety of documentaries about world events and contemporary issues.
  8. This site has numerous short videos on topics in free market economics.
  9. Frontline: this longstanding PBS program investigates various timely topics. Most of its past episodes are archived and downloadable from its website.
  10. Prager University: Dennis Prager is a conservative talk show host, and has a site where scholars from many fields give short lectures on major topics, many of them concerning business and economics.
  11. Uncommon Knowledge: Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution (at Stanford University) interviews major intellectuals in a very respectful, judicious manner.
  12. Freedom to Choose: a classic PBS series produced in the 1980s, but still fresh and timely. Milton Friedman presents his classical liberal take on major issues concerning government and economics, and is then grilled by leading leftist and progressive liberal scholars and political figures of the day.
  13. Penn & Teller: for 8 years, magicians Penn and Teller did a show on Showtime called “Bullshit!”, which examined various issues, from a libertarian and skeptical point of view. Warning: these episodes are loaded with coarse language…
  14. Howstuffworks: Howstuffworks is a website with videos explaining numerous ideas from a variety of areas.
  15. ProCon is an organization that fosters debates about key issues. Its purpose is to neutrally present balanced material that promotes critical thinking.
  16. The School of Life: A site with numerous short (10 minute) lectures on various philosophical topics.
  17. ACDCLeadership: has videos (including “EconMovies”) which explains all the major concepts of economics.

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