Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Critical Thinking Resource Center Part 1

Critical Thinking Resource Center Part 1

Part 1: Introduction-sources used.

To add to and amplify the discussion of the topics in my lectures, I have collected together a number of links video and audio recordings of various lectures, interviews, and news reports. These I gathered from a variety of sources, but I found several sites especially and I wish to acknowledge them. These include:

  1. Khan Academy: this online, free university has video lectures from superstar teachers on a variety of academic subjects.
  2. Open Yale Courses: Yale University has a variety of introductory classes taught by their faculty and available free on line.
  3. Missouri State University: MSU has a number of classroom lectures available for general viewing, including lectures by their law school professors.
  4. Frontline: this longstanding PBS program investigates various timely topics. Most of its past episodes are archived and downloadable from its website.
  5. Penn & Teller: for 8 years, magicians Penn and Teller did a show on Showtime called “Bullshit!”, which examined various issues, from a libertarian and skeptical point of view. Warning: these episodes are loaded with coarse language—
  6. a website containing free educational tools for cognitive neuroscience.
  7. Fayetteville State College courses.
  8. TeachPhilosophy is a series of short videos on various topics in philosophy.
  9. is Kevin deLaplante’s lectures on critical thinking.
  10. Fast Philosophy 01 is a series of lectures on logic by Matthew Hurst.
  11. is a website featuring videos on logic and philosophy.
  12. Critical Thinking, Logic and Argumentation (ReasonIO) is a YouTube channel of lectures by Prof. Greg Sadler.
  13. Wireless Philosophy is a website of videos on various topics in logic and philosophy by a variety of contributors.
  14. Academy of Ideas is a site with video lectures on a variety of philosophical topics.
  15. ETSU Online: East Tennessee State University offers a variety of instructional videos.
  16. The Eyes of Nye: was a 1995 TV series with Bill Nye exploring various topics in science.
  17. Statistics Learning Center is a site with video lecture on statistics based in New Zealand.
  18. Mometrix Academy is a site containing free test-prep videos for a large variety of standardized tests.
  19. Online Philosophy! Is a site with videos on various philosophical topics.

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