Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Contemporary Moral Issues Resource Center | Part 2

Contemporary Moral Issues Resource Center | Part 2

Part 2: Videos and audios amplifying topics covered in class lectures

Lecture 1: What is Ethical Theory I: Ethical theory, applied ethics, and public policy

Lecture 2: Ethical Theory Preliminaries II: Meta-ethics and Happiness

Lecture 3: Ethical Theories I: Ethical Egoism

Lecture 4: Ethical Theory II: Utilitarianism

Lecture 5: Ethical Theories III:  Kantianism

Lecture 6: Ethical Theories IV: Natural rights ethics

Lecture 7: Ethical Theories V: Virtue ethics

Lecture 8: Ethical Theories VII: Pluralistic Ethics (Rossian Theory)

Lecture 9: Death and Dying I: The Ethics of Euthanasia

Lecture 10: Death Dying II:  The Ethics of Abortion

Lecture 11: Sex and Love I: Morality of Sexual Behavior

Lecture 12: Sex and Love II: Restrictions on Marriage

Lecture 13: Retributive Justice I: Capital Punishment

Lecture 14: Distributive Justice I: Equality and Discrimination

Lecture 15: Distributive Justice II: The Ethics of Affirmative Action

Lecture 16: Distributive Justice III: Poverty and Inequality in America

Lecture 17: Political Philosophy I: Political Philosophy and Social Justice

Lecture 18: Political Philosophy II: Models of Liberal Democracy in Contemporary America

Lecture 19: Political Philosophy III: Classical Liberalism Today

Lecture 20: The Ethics of International Relations I: Globalization and its Discontents

Lecture 21: The Ethics of International Relations II: The Ethics of Free Trade

Lecture 22: The Ethics of International Relations III: The Ethics of Immigration

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