Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Business Ethics Resource Center | Part 2

Business Ethics Resource Center | Part 2

II. Topics covered in lectures:

  1. American business: economics and finance science concepts.
    1. Why free market economics (“capitalism”) works:
      1. I, Pencil video;. Munger on the division of labor—audio.
      2. LearnLiberty on why we exchange—video.
      3. Friedman on the role of economic freedom in creating wealth—episode #1 of “Freedom to Choose.”
      4. ThinkTank critical history of socialism—video.
      5. Otteson on the defects of socialism—audio.
      6. Prof. Norberg on whether the so-called ‘Swedish model’ or ‘the Swedish third way’ really works…video.

    2. Adam Smith:
      1. Brief intro lecture to Adam Smith…video.
      2. Macfarlane at Cambridge on Smith—video.
      3. Phillipson on Adam Smith—audio.
      4. Roberts and Fleishacker on Smith’s Wealth of Nationsvideo.
      5. Otteson on Adam Smith—audio.
      6. YaleCourses on Adam Smith—video.
      7. Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith on Adam Smith—audio.
      8. Roberts on Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentimentsaudio.

    3. Incorporation:
      1. Marshall on incorporation—video.
      2. Brown on business types part I—video.
      3. Brown on business types part II—video.
      4. Osgood on why incorporate—video.

    4. Publically versus privately-held corporations:
      1. Purdue/O’Neill on private vs. public companies—video.
      2. Purdue/Kirkwood on public vs. private companies—video.

    5. Government sponsored enterprises:
      1. RT News definition of GSEs—video.

    6. Profits vs. non-profits:
      1. Acha on profits vs. nonprofits—video.

    7. Cooperatives:
      1. ViraquaFoodCoop on coops—video.
      2. Heneberry on coops—video.

    8. Asset types:
      1. Khan Academy bond vs. stock—video.

    9. Risk and reward:
      1. Khan Academy on risk vs. reward—video.
      2. Khan Academy on bankruptcy of business—video.

  2. American business: business law basics.
    1. Common Law:
      1. British panel discussion on the differences between common law and civil law systems—video.

    2. Tort law:
      1. Wiley on tort law (five episodes)—video.

    3. The McDonald’s coffee cup case:
      1. NYT retrospective report on the McDonald’s coffee cup case—video.

    4. Loser pay systems:
      1. American Constitution Society panel discussion (very critical) of loser pay systems—video.

    5. Sovereign immunity:
      1. Robertson on sovereign immunity—video.

  3. Ethical theories.
    1. Hedonism:
      1. Academy of Ideas lecture on Epicurus—video.
      2. de Botton on Epicurus—video.
      3. Tuggy on Epicurus—video.
      4. The School of Life on Epicurus—video.
      5. Sadler on Aristippis vs. Epicurus—video.

    2. Egoism:
      1. Philosophy Tube on Mandeville and psychological egoism—video.
      2. School of Life short video on Thomas Hobbes…video.
      3. Discussion on Hobbes—audio.
      4. Short intro lecture to Nietzsche—audio.
      5. TeachPhilosophy on psychological egoism—audio.
      6. TeachPhilosophy on psychological egoism—part II—evidence—audio.
      7. Donahue interview with Ayn Rand—video.
      8. Mike Wallace interview of Ayn Rand—video.
    3. Applications of egoism:
      1. Public choice theory (PCT):
        1. Prof. Boudreaux on PCT—audio.
        2. Prof. Pennington on PCT—part one video.
        3. Pennington part two—video.
        4. Pennington part three—video.
        5. Pennington part four—video.
        6. Prof. Simmons lecture on PCT—video.
        7. Prof. Munger on PCT—video.
      2. Principal/agent (agency) problem:
        1. Prof. Phillips on the principal/agent problem—video.
        2. BYUbearcubs cute presentation of the problem—video.
        3. Prof. Moy on the problem—video.
      3. Moral hazard:
        1. Prof. Kennett on moral hazard—video.
        2. CFPE lecture on moral hazard by government—video.
        3. UT clip on moral hazard—video.

    4. Utilitarianism:
      1. Tuggy on J. S. Mill—video.
    5. Kantianism:
      1. Tuggy on Kant’s ethics—video.
    6. Natural rights ethics:
      1. School of Life video on John Locke…video.
      2. Eric Mack on natural rights ethics—video.
      3. Aeon Skoble on negative versus positive rights—video.
      4. James Stacey Taylor on Mill’s Harm Principle—video.
    7. Virtue ethics:
      1. Tuggy on Aristotle’s ethics—video.
  4. Models of corporate social responsibility.
    1. Market failure:
      1. MJMfoodie short lecture on market failure—video.
      2. MJMfoodie short lecture on public goods—video.
      3. MJMfoodie short lecture on externalities—audio.
      4. Pajholden lecture on six types of market failure—video.
      5. Pajholden lecture on negative externalities—video.
      6. Pajholden lecture on positive externalities insufficiency—video.
      7. Friedman on government as cure for market failure—video.
      8. LearnLiberty on Coase theorem—video.
    2. The shareholder/free market model (Friedman):
      1. Classic exchange between Milton Friedman and a very young Michael Moore—audio.
      2. Alanis Academy on the shareholder vs. the stakeholder model—video.
      3. U.C. Berkeley debate on the shareholder vs. the stakeholder model—video.
    3. The philanthropic model:
      1. Moaz Brown investigation of corporate philanthropy—part I video.
      2. Brown video part II—video.
      3. Renacer report on corporate philanthropy awards—video.
      4. Dolan on corporate philanthropy as good for his business—video.
    4. The moral minimum model (Bowie):
      1. Norman Bowie on business ethics—six clips—video.
    5. The multiple stakeholder model (Freeman):
      1. Freeman on his stakeholder model—audio.
      2. Freeman on his model versus Friedman’s—audio.
      3. Henisz interview on the stakeholder model—audio.
    6. The sustainability model (Desjardins):
      1. Alstom (company) on sustainability—video.
      2. Acaroglu Ted talk on sustainability—video.
      3. Porritt Ted talk on sustainability—video.
      4. Everett critiques the notion of sustainability—video.
      5. Khan Academy on the time value of money—video.
      6. Lowy Institute talk by Lomborg on global warming—video.
    7. The classical liberal model (Jason):
      1. Prof. Ashford on the nature of classical liberalism…video.
      2. Prof. Davies on the history of classical liberalism…video.
      3. Prof. Davies on the decline of classical liberalism (and its current rise again)…video.
      4. ABC News documentary on the fall of Western communism—8 part video.
      5. Khan Academy on social institutions—video.
      6. Anightonearth lecture on social institutions—video.
      7. Cramer on social institutions—video.
  5. Models of work.
    1. Work in general:
      1. de Botton on the pleasures and sorrows of work—audio.
    2. Conventional model:
      1. Harper on Aristotle and slavery—video.
    3. Human fulfillment model:
      1. School of Life short intro to Marx…video.
      2. YaleCourses on Marx and alienation—video.
      3. Cecil on the life and thought of Marx—video.
    4. Progressive liberal model:
    5. Classical liberal model:
      1. Pew definition of mobility—video.
      2. Frenzy763 short talk on education and social mobility—video.
      3. Best Film Archives documentary on American immigration—video.
      4. PBS documentary on Jewish immigration into America—video.
      5. PBS documentary on Irish immigration to America—part I video.
      6. PBS Irish immigration documentary—part II video.
      7. PBS Irish immigration documentary—part III video.
      8. PBS Irish immigration documentary—part IV video.
    6. The evolution of work:
      1. The industrial revolution:
        1. BBC documentary on the industrial revolution—video.
        2. UnitedLearning lecture on the industrial revolution—video.
        3. Hughes on industrial revolution—.video.
        4. UCDavis lecture on the industrial revolution—video.
      2. Econtalk discussion of the future of work—audio.
  6. Employee rights.
    1. The right to work without being forced to support a union:
      1. Friedman on who protects worker rights—episode 8 of “Freedom to Choose”—video.
    2. The right to a guaranteed job:
      1. Free Econ Help on crowding out—video.
      2. Schilgen on crowding out—video.
      3. Wiseconomics on crowding out—video.
    3. The right to strong due process before termination:
      1. Legal ad for covenants not to compete—video.
      2. Ottinger on how to escape from a non-compete agreement—video.
      3. Allen on non-competition clauses—video.
      4. Rizsi on non-disclosure agreement—video.
      5. Alexander on non-disclosure agreements—video.
    4. The right to a minimum wage:
      1. Intelligence squared debate “Abolish the minimum wage“.
      2. Milton Friedman debate on the minimum wage…video.
      3. Friedman on who protects workers’ rights—episode 8 of “Freedom to Choose”—video.
    5. The right to a democratic workplace:
      1. Wolff and Alperovitz on workplace democracy—video.
    6. Workplace safety:
      1. History of OSHA—video.
      2. Progressive era workplace safety reforms—video.
    7. Workplace privacy:
      1. KPBS report on employee monitoring—video.
      2. Global Interview report on employee investigation—video.
      3. Stikeman Elliot attorney panel on legal and illegal employee monitoring—video.
  7. Employee responsibilities.
    1. The Enron case:
      1. Charlie Rose interview with the makers of “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”—video.
      2. Mugshots documentary “Enron – Wall Street Scammers”—video.
    2. The standard view:
      1. Missouri State lecture on employment law (general)—lecture 2 video.
      2. Missouri State lecture on employment law (who is an employee)—lecture 5 video.
      3. Missouri State lecture on employment law (at will employment)—lecture 6 video.
    3. Loyalty in the workplace:
      1. Bain director Reischheld on loyalty—video.
      2. Sinek on loyalty in organizations—video.
      3. CEO of Fishbowl on loyalty—video.
    4. Whistle-blowing:
      1. Bloomberg debate on whistle blowing and Dodd/Frank—video.
      2. Attorney Newsome on how he handles whistle blower cases—video.
      3. Federal whistle blower rights and protections—video.
  8. Product safety and regulation.
    1. The four Ps of marketing:
      1. Firepolemarketing on the four ps of marketing—video.
      2. Alanis Academy lecture on the four p’s of marketing—video.
    2. Product liability law:
      1. Hall on Ohio product liability law—video.
    3. Strict product liability:
      1. Wiley on strict liability—video.
      2. Miraldi and Barrett on strict liability—video.
      3. Cheng on strict product liability—video.
    4. The costs and benefits of regulation:
      1. Unintended consequences:
        1. Reason TV spoof documentary “Great Moments in Unintended Consequences”—video.
        2. Prof. Parker on the unintended consequences of auto mileage regulations—video.
        3. Friedman on regulation and unintended consequences—video.
        4. Ken Burns on Prohibition and unintended consequences—video.
        5. Prof. Peltzman on the net effects of regulation—audio.
        6. Stossel on the law of unintended consequences of law—video.
      2. Regulatory capture:
        1. Econfree talk on regulatory capture—video.
        2. Prof. Dudley on regulatory capture—video.
        3. Hunt on regulatory capture—video.
      3. Rent-seeking:
        1. Munger on rent-seeking—audio.
        2. Munger on making money in politics—audio.
      4. Regulatory drag:
        1. Epstein on the cost of regulation—audio.
        2. Winston on market failure and government failure—audio.
  9. Product pricing issues.
    1. Economics of pricing:
      1. Econ lecture on supply v. demand—.video.
      2. Econ movies on price v. demand—.video.
      3. Jurgenson on how prices are set—video.
    2. Price fixing:
      1. B2BWhiteboard cartoon on price-fixing—video.
      2. Global News report on price-fixing by Canadian chocolate candy companies—video.
      3. IBT report on price fixing charges against Apple ebooks—video.
      4. Balto discusses the Apple ebooks price-fixing case—video.
    3. Monopoly:
      1. McGlasson lecture on monopoly—video.
      2. UCBerkeley lecture on monopoly—video.
    4. Convenience pricing:
      1. Campus report on convenience pricing—video.
      2. New convenience store model-automated convenience stores—video.
    5. Price gouging:
      1. Munger on price gouging—audio.
      2. Roberts on the price of everything—audio.
    6. Government subsidies:
      1. Johnston on the history of subsidies in America—video.
      2. Johnston on sports subsidies—video.
      3. LearnLiberty on government subsidies of silly walks—video.
      4. AMC’s Hell on Wheels illustration of government subsidies—video.
      5. Stossel on farm subsidies—video.
    7. Brutal competitive pricing/value loop:
      1. News report on small hardware store closing—video.
      2. ABC local news report on mom and pop stores struggling—video.
      3. Spector on mom and pop stores thriving—video.
      4. Webb on disappearing mom and pop stores—video.
      5. News story on mom and pop video rental store—video.
    8. Dumping:
      1. B2BWhiteboard cartoon explaining dumping—video.
      2. BBC report on China’s anti-dumping tariffs on French wine—video.
      3. CCTV report on EU’s accusation of Chinese dumping shoes—video.
  10. Marketing ethics.
    1. Galbraith on marketing:
      1. Galbraith vs. Buckley on Galbraith’s view of marketing—part I audio.
      2. Galbraith vs. Buckley—part II audio.
      3. Galbraith vs. Buckley—part III audio.
      4. Galbraith vs. Buckley—part IV audio.
      5. Galbraith vs. Buckley—part V audio.
      6. Galbraith vs. Buckley—part VI audio.
    2. Marketing and manipulation:
      1. Marketing consultant on psychological manipulation—video.
      2. Cialdini on the psychology of persuasion—video.
  11. International business ethics.
    1. Moral relativism:
      1. Prinz defends relativism—video.
      2. Prof Scruton attacks relativism—video.
    2. Globalization and international trade theory:
      1. ImportGenius brief history of international trade—video.
      2. Prof. Norberg on why globalization is good…video.
      3. Matt Ridley TED talk on trade and ideas having sex—video.
      4. University of South Africa lecture on international trade theory-comparative vs. absolute advantage—video.
      5. LearnLiberty on comparative advantage—video.
      6. JourneymanTV documentary on the growth and value of international trade—video.
      7. British documentary on international trade and prosperity—video.
      8. Don Boudreaux on globalization and trade deficits—audio.
      9. Don Boudreaux on China, Currency Manipulation, and Trade Deficits—audio.
    3. Protectionism:
      1. Mercatus Center talk on quotas vs. tariffs—video.
      2. Milton Friedman talk–Free Trade: Producer vs. Consumer…video.
      3. Boudreaux on the concept of buying locally—audio.
      4. Rustici on protectionism and the Great Depression—audio.

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