Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Entrepreneurship Resource Center | Part 3

Entrepreneurship Resource Center | Part 3

Part 3: Videos on Start-ups and Moguls.

A. General videos.

  1. JobHero website with numerous links to topics of use….site.
  2. database of videos on starting a business—site.
  3. Floship site on three small business start-ups tactics…site.

B. Famous entrepreneurs on tips for start-ups.

  1. Zuckerberg at Start-up School—video.
  2. Stanford talk by Elon Musk—video.
  3. Guy Kawasaki on the Art of the Start—video.
  4. Richard Branson advice for Entrepreneurs—video.
  5. John Paul DeJorian-homeless to billionaire founder of Paul Mitchell—video.
  6. DeJorian-longer talk at Stanford—video.
  7. Peter Thiel on entrepreneurship—video.
  8. Michael Gerber on why most businesses fail—video.

C. Evan Carmichael’s edited videos on the rules of success by great entrepreneurs.

  1. 10 legendary rules from legendary entrepreneurs—video.
  2. Bill Gates’ 10 rules for success—video.
  3. Warren Buffett’s 10 rules for success—video.
  4. Steve Jobs’ top 10 rules for success—video.
  5. Jeff Bezos’ 10 rules for success—video.
  6. Larry Page’s 10 rules for success—video.
  7. Peter Thiel’s 10 rules for success—video.
  8. Michael Dell’s 10 rules for success—video.
  9. Steve Wosniak’s 10 rules for success—video.
  10.  (Starbucks) Howard Schultz’s 10 rules for success—video.
  11.  Tim Ferriss’s 10 rules for success—video.
  12.  Donald Trump’s 10 rules for success—video.
  13.  Richard Branson’s 10 rules for success—video.
  14.  Oprah Winfrey’s 10 rules for success—video.
  15.  Mark Cuban’s 10 rules for success—video.

D. Biographies of the recent entrepreneurs who made it to the list of richest Americans.

  1. A&E Biography of Bill Gates—video.
  2. Bloomberg bio of Warren Buffet—video.
  3. Bloomberg bio of Larry Ellison—video.
  4. Bloomberg bio of Sergey Brin and Larry Page—video.
  5. BBC bio of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos—video.
  6. Bloomberg bio of Mark Zuckerberg—video.
  7. Bloomberg bio of Apple’s Steve Jobs—video.
  8. Bloomberg bio of Reed Hastings founder of Netflix—video.
  9. Bloomberg bio of Ralph Lauren—video.
  10.  Bloomberg bio of Elon Musk—video.
  11.  Bloomberg bio of Magic Johnson (athlete turned businessman)—video.

E. Biographies of legendary businessmen from the past.

  1. Radio broadcast biography of John Jacob Astor, the immigrant who became the early richest man in America—video.
  2. History Channel-the Men who Built America-bios of Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Ford—episode 1 video.
  3. Men who built America—episode 2 video.
  4. Men who built America—episode 3 video.
  5. Men who built America—episode 4 video.
  6. Men who built America—episode 5 video.
  7. Men who built America—episode 6 video.
  8. Men who built America—episode 7 video.
  9. Men who built America—episode 8 video.
  10. A&E Bio of J.P. Morgan—video.
  11.  American Experience bio of Carnegie—part 1 video.
  12.  Carnegie—part 2 video.
  13.  Carnegie—part 3 video.
  14.  Carnegie—part 4 video.
  15.  Carnegie—part 5 video.
  16.  American Experience documentary on Thomas Edison (inventor and founder of GE)—video.
  17.  Inecom documentary on Westinghouse—video.
  18.  CSpan bio of William Randolph Hearst, media mogul and builder of Hearst Castle—video.
  19.  American Experience documentary on the Sears and Roebuck catalog revolution—video.
  20.  History Channel documentary on Howard Hughes—video.
  21.  NHD biography of Sam Walton—video.

F. Smaller business start-up stories.

  1. Edible Arrangements founder Tariq Farid—video.
  2. Nzingah on founding her jewelry line—video.
  3. Christy Haubegger founder of Latina Magazine—video.
  4. Reza Raji founder of Juggle Labs—video.

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