Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Entrepreneurship Resource Center | Part 2

Entrepreneurship Resource Center | Part 2

Part 2: Written sites on starting a small business.

A. Federal sites.

  1. Norwich University on being entrepreneurship for students…site.
  2. U.S. Small Business Administration website on starting and managing a small business—site.
  3. United States Center for Entrepreneurship—site.
  4. U.S. Small Business Administration 10 steps on opening your business—site.
  5. IRS on starting up a company—site.
  6. Dept of Veterans Affairs site on vets starting businesses—site.

B. Nongovernmental general sites.

  1. Bizee guide to starting your own business…link.
  2. Finimpact 13-step guide to starting a business…link.
  3. Finimpact scholarships for entrepreneurs…link.
  4. Finimpact small business ideas…link.
  5. Finimpact guide to business licenses…link.
  6. Zen Business resource guide for small business…link.
  7. Antonio Disano on how to start a business…link.
  8.’s guide for disabled individuals starting a business…link.
  9. FormSwift’s Business Formation Guide, a site exploring the costs and benefits of incorporating, and the types of a corporation…site.
  10. National Federation of Independent Business is the main private association devoted to encouraging small business; their website has a plethora of resources—site.
  11. has an extensive guide on how to start a business while in college (link) as well as one for starting a business right after college (link).
  12. Lendedu has a guide on getting financing for startup companies…link.
  13. on how to build a better business credit score…link.
  14. minority business owners’ guide to raising capital…link.
  15. The New York Times database of its articles on business startups—site.
  16. on how to start a business (with a tab listing 55 businesses you can start for less than $5,000)—site.
  17. on the essentials of starting a business—link.
  18. is a non-profit organization that offers free videos on starting a business—site.
  19. Jeff Haden: How to Start a Small Business in a Few Hours—site.
  20. small business information website—site.
  21. is a website and blog post for small business entrepreneurs—site.
  22. WikiHow on starting your own business—site.
  23. article on everything about funding/financing a new business…site.
  24. Prof. Hofstand on funding a new business—link.
  25. on starting your business—site.
  26. Bplans on starting a small business—site.
  27. Houston Chronicle site on starting a small business—site.
  28. site with many different short discussions of a “how-to” nature—site.
  29. site with links to great short descriptive essays on starting a business—site.
  30. Kiplinger Magazine list of the 10 best American cities to start a business in—site.
  31. CalcXML on calculating your startup costs—site.
  32. The Company Corporation list of startup steps—link.
  33. list of startup steps—site.
  34. The Simple Dollar website of tips for small businesses…site.
  35. FormSwift’s website on SWOT analysis tool for helping devise a business plan…site.
  36. Formswift’s website on sample business plans…site.
  37. has a page on how to start an LLC…site.
  38. has a page on how to start your website…site.
  39. has a page on students starting businesses…site.

C. Various state and local websites on starting a small business in that state.

  1. State of Alabama—site
  2. State of Alaska—site.
  3. State of Arizona—site.
  4. State of Arkansas—site.
  5. State of California—site.
  6. City of San Diego—site.
  7. State of Colorado—site.
  8. State of Connecticut—site.
  9. State of Delaware—site.
  10. State of Florida—site.
  11. City of Miami—site.
  12. State of Georgia—site.
  13. State of Hawaii—site.
  14. State of Idaho—site.
  15. State of Illinois—site.
  16. City of Chicago—site.
  17. State of Indiana—site.
  18. State of Iowa—site.
  19. State of Kansas—site.
  20. State of Kentucky—site.
  21. State of Louisiana—site.
  22. State of Maine—site.
  23. State of Maryland—site.
  24. State of Massachusetts—site.
  25. State of Michigan—site.
  26. State of Minnesota—site.
  27. State of Mississippi—site.
  28. State of Missouri—site.
  29. State of Montana—site.
  30. State of Nebraska—site.
  31. State of Nevada—site.
  32. State of New Hampshire—site.
  33. State of New Jersey—site.
  34. State of New Mexico—site.
  35. State of New York—site.
  36. State of North Carolina—site.
  37. State of North Dakota—site.
  38. State of Ohio—site.
  39. State of Oklahoma—site.
  40. State of Oregon—site.
  41. State of Pennsylvania—site.
  42. State of Rhode Island—site.
  43. State of South Carolina—site.
  44. State of South Dakota—site.
  45. State of Tennessee—site.
  46. State of Texas—site.
  47. City of Austin—site.
  48. City of Dallas—site.
  49. City of San Antonio—site.
  50. State of Utah—site.
  51. State of Vermont—site.
  52. State of Virginia—site.
  53. State of Washington—site.
  54. State of West Virginia—site.
  55. State of Wisconsin—site.
  56. State of Wyoming—site.

D. Ideas on which types of small businesses are easiest to start.

  1. Forbes list of 20 businesses you can start tomorrow—link.
  2. UK Web Host Review list of the 9 best ideas for starting a business…link.
  3. 13 ideas for businesses—link.
  4. list of ten low-capital businesses to get into—site.
  5. (with hundreds of small business success stories)—site.
  6. Business News Daily 22 ideas for starting a business—link.
  7. Richard Goodwin’s website on how to start and maintain your own blog…link
  8. On Blast Blog: Matt Banner’s website on starting your own blog….link.
  9. Design Bombs site on how to use WordPress to design a blog to support a business….link.

E. Franchising websites.

  1. Forbes list of best and worst franchises to buy—link.
  2. 100 low-cost franchises—link.
  3. database of franchises…link.
  4. database of franchises for sale—link.
  5. database of information on franchises and ones for sale—link.
  6. BFS Capital page on starting your own restaurant franchise…link.

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