Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Entrepreneurship Resource Center | Part 1

Entrepreneurship Resource Center | Part 1

Part 1: Preface-how to use this center.

I always start my business ethics classes suggesting to the students that they all try their hand at creating a small business. And I make the same suggestion to philosophy majors. My justification to them is simply this. While most new businesses fail (half of them in the first five years, two-thirds of them in the first ten years), if you succeed, you may make a small fortune which will pay your way through school, and allow you to continue on to graduate school as well-without having to run up a huge pile of student loan debt. You may even create a large fortune-remember, most hugely successful big businesses started as small ones (often started by college students)-Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft come to mind here. And even if you fail, you will at least learn a lot about people in general and yourself in particular. This can help you when you try again-most entrepreneurs fail several times before they succeed in building a viable business.

However, many students rightly ask how someone starts a small business. This resource center is something I have put together to assist students (and anyone else who might be interested). Some of the sources I have found useful are:

  • Bloomberg Business videos—site.
  • BBC Finance videos—link.
  • A&E Biographies—site.

I have organized this center into links to written sites, and links to video presentations.

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