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Professor Gary Jason, Ph.D.” Welcome to my website. I maintain this website primarily to support my teaching, though I also intend it for use by my readers.

For students:

The most important pages are the grades page and the class bulletins page. The grades page is where you will find your grades for the course, updated weekly as the semester progresses. Important note: I do not use Blackboard. You should check your grades at least twice a month, and email me immediately with any problems.  On all emails, be sure to include your full name, class and student ID number.

Students should also regularly check the bulletins page. I have your syllabi posted, which you can download at any time should you lose the printed copy handed out on the first day of class. I also have some generic bulletins about where to get help for your writing, how to use, and how to do research. I will also post specific bulletins during the semester about homework, paper and other assignments, as well as study guides for tests.

Students will find the useful links page helpful–it gives you links to writing tool sites (such as an online dictionary and thesaurus), research tool sites (including several online encyclopedias), and numerous philosophy websites. Finally, if you find that you enjoy my teaching, and want to see what else I teach, the courses taught page briefly reviews them. And if you want to know more about my background, the facts and vita page furnishes the pertinent information.

For Readers:

The academic publications page and the trade publications page list my publications, with links to as many of them as I could establish.

By “trade” publications I mean my cultural articles, political writings, and my movie reviews.