Professor Gary Jason, PhD | University Writing Requirement Policy

University Writing Requirement Policy

  • CSUF has a university-wide policy requiring that all classes have some sort of writing requirement.
  • Here is my policy:
  • For PH 105 (critical thinking), PH 106 (introduction to logic), and PH 368 (symbolic logic), I assign one medium sized paper (2-3 pp. double-spaced) asking the student to read several of my short writing tutorials and summarize them in the student’s own words.
  • These tutorials are:
    1. The Golden Rules of Argument;
    2. How to Structure Argumentative Essays;
    3. The Use of Indicator Words;
    4. Appropriate Writing Style;
    5. When to Quote.
  • For PH 100 (Introduction to Philosophy), PH 101 (Meaning and the Good Life), and PH 120 (Introduction to Ethics), I require six short papers (1-2 pp. double-spaced)—the first of which is again to summarize the writing tutorials above. The other five papers are on topics related to the course.
  • For all other 300/400 level courses, I require three short papers—the first on the writing tutorials, and the other two on topics covered in class)—and a long term paper (5-10 pp.), on a topic from my website or approved by me.
  • All writing assignments must be turned in through You should of course read my policies on