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Trade Publications

  • Trade Books:
    1. Devious Thoughts: Unconventional Thoughts on Contemporary Issues CreateSpace Publishing (2018)…LINK
    2. Disturbing Thoughts: Unorthodox Writings on Timely Issues  Seattle, WA: CreateSpace Publishing (2016)… LINK
    3. Dangerous Thoughts: Provocative Writings on Contemporary Issues Xlibris Publishing (2011)…LINK
  • General Interest Articles:
    1. “Los Pollos Coming Home to Roost,” in Liberty, December 23, 2018…LINK
    2. “OPEC Death Watch,” in Liberty, February 21, 2018…LINK
    3. “Frackin’…Like the Doo-Dah Man” in Liberty, November 14, 2017…LINK
    4. “Imitating Obama?”, in Liberty, October 23, 2017…LINK
    5. “Workers’ Rights advance, Under the Radar,” in Liberty, January 27, 2017…LINK
    6. “The More Things Change…” in Liberty, December 28, 2016. ..LINK
    7. “Once Again, Spontaneous Order Beats the Dead Hand of Statism,” in Liberty, April 14, 2016…LINK
    8. “Paul Ryan and the Extreme Populist Establishment,” in Liberty, January 19, 2016…LINK
    9. “Asian Immigration and Trumpeterian Fabulism,” in Liberty, December 29, 2015…LINK
    10. “It’s Déjà vu All Over Again,” in Liberty, September 30, 2015…LINK
    11. “The Evolution of the Fracking Revolution,” in American Thinker, September 24, 2015…LINK
    12. “On Dogs, Cats and Carnal Knowledge,” in Liberty, June 15, 2015…LINK
    13. “Fracking: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!” in American Thinker, June 15, 2015…LINK
    14. “Disquieting Developments,” in Liberty, April 22, 2015…LINK
    15. “Good News for School Reform,” in American Thinker, April 5, 2015…LINK
    16. “Right-to-Work Nation?” in Liberty, March 21, 2015…LINK
    17. “Russian Money and Useful American Idiots: The Same Old Story,” in American Thinker, March 2, 2015…LINK
    18. “Seizing Reform?” in Liberty, February 15, 2015…LINK
    19. “Melancholic Milestones,” in American Thinker, December 23, 2014…LINK
    20. “Fracking Ferment and Malthusian Myths,” in Liberty, December 18, 2014…LINK
    21. “A Fifth Column Undermines the War for American Energy Independence,” in American Thinker, July 10, 2014…LINK
    22. “Unions minus Coercion equals Nothing,” in American Thinker, May 21, 2014…LINK
    23. “Toyota to California: Don’t Mess with Texas,” in American Thinker, May 7, 2014…LINK
    24. “Universities are not Walmart,” in Liberty, April 11, 2014…LINK
    25. “What Did Obama Motors Know?” in Liberty, April 5, 2014…LINK
    26. “The UAW Smack-down,” in Liberty, March 5, 2014…LINK
    27. “Free Trade: O Reaps What He Sows,” in American Thinker, February 18, 2014…LINK
    28. “The Student Loan Debacle: A Clear Moral Hazard,” in, December 3, 2013. Reprinted in The Fiscal Times, December 5, 2013…LINK
    29. “Pointless Ph.D. Proliferation,” in Pope Center for Higher Education, December 2, 2013…LINK
    30. “New Doubts about the Value of a College Degree,” in American Thinker, November 20, 2013…LINK
    31. “Young Frogs Hop to New Ponds,” in American Thinker, November 4, 2013…LINK
    32. “Geopolitical Fallout from the U.S. Energy Revolution,” in American Thinker, October 28, 2013…LINK
    33. “The ABA Feels the Heat,” in, October 23, 2013…LINK
    34. “Rent-Seeking in French and English,” in American Thinker, October 19, 2013…LINK
    35. “The Coming of the Auto-Auto,” in American Thinker, October 10, 2013…LINK
    36. “Unions Driven Crazy by Crisis,” in American Thinker, September 22, 2013…LINK
    37. “What Fracking Hath Wrought,” in American Thinker, August 18, 2013…LINK
    38. “Unions Complaining about Digging Their Own Grave,” in American Thinker, August 7, 2013…LINK
    39. “Athena 4, Gaia 0,” in Liberty, July 31, 2013…LINK
    40. “Good News about Hispanic Grads,” in Liberty, June 24, 2013….LINK
    41. “Open Access to Public MOOCs,” in American Thinker, June 8, 2013…LINK
    42. “French Follies Continue to Entertain,” in American Thinker, April 6, 2013…LINK
    43. “A Sincere Change of Heart?” in Liberty, April 2, 2013…LINK
    44. “Earth to New York Times: Wake Up,” in Pope Center for Higher Education Policy Commentaries, March 10, 2013…LINK
    45. “Yes, They are Liberal: A Major Academic Journal Looks at Bias in Psychology,” in Pope Center for Higher Education Policy Commentaries, February 14, 2013…LINK
    46. “Union Blues,” in American Thinker, February 13, 2013…LINK
    47. “Domestic Energy: Triumph in the Face of Adversity,” in American Thinker, February 5, 2013…LINK
    48. “Atlas Left—with His Cheese!” in American Thinker, January 1, 2013…LINK
  • Movie Reviews:
    1. “Beauty’s in the Eye of the State: A Review of Belief & Beauty-The History of the Nazi BDM Movement (Glaube & Schonheit)”, in Liberty, October 26, 2018…LINK
    2. “Another Small Piece of a War: A Review Charlie and his Orchestra”, in Liberty, December 4, 2017…LINK
    3. “Infinity in One Hour, 48 Minutes”: a review of: The Man Who Knew Infinity, June 3, 2016…LINK