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Texts Errata

Jason, Gary Critical Thinking: Developing an Effective Worldview (2001)

Errata in Critical Thinking: Developing an Effective Worldview

Page 28
Rule 2: “—a selection from—” should read “—a selection of—”.

Page 61
The graph for parallel arguments is missing the second side:

Sp +—+Sq



Page 106
Exercise 2: “offer is subjectto—” should read “offer is subject to—”

Page 107
Exercise 11: “Working for the crowd for—” should read “Working the crowd for—”

Page 108
Exercise 17: “will not be askedfor any donation” should read “will not be asked for any donation”

Page 219
Fig. 10.38 the “u” should be a checkmark.

Page 249
Exercise 19: “—on published reports form—” should read “—on published reports from—”

Page 256
4th line down: “—relevant to the project property—” should read “—relevant to the projected property—”

Page 258
3rd paragraph: “—how often that polling result—” should read “—how often that a polling result—”

Page 264
Exercise 13 line 2: “—speaks form time—” should read “—speaks from time—”

Page 275
Exercise 1: “—went home an made—” should read “—went home and made—”

Page 364
In Matthews’ quote: “—had pursued a cautions campaign,—” should read “—had pursued a cautious campaign,—”

Page 436
“Exercise 12.4” should read “Exercise 12.3”

Page 438
#18: “Belov introduces—” should read “The way Belov introduces—”