Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Student Support Services Resource Center

Student Support Services Resource Center

We all need support from time to time: emotional support and counseling; health support and counseling; and financial support. This is especially true with college students, who are often on their own for the first time and may feel overwhelmed with what they face. So I have gathered together some sites that may be of help.

I divide them into areas of help, and within those areas into sites created by California State University, Fullerton for its students (highlighted in blue), governmental support sites (highlighted in red), and private support sites (highlighted in green).

I. Financial support websites:

II. Physical health support sites:

  1. General information on physical health and diseases:
  2. Information on the need for sleep and sleep disorders:
  3. Student recreation.

III. Mental Health support sites:

  1. General information on mental health issues:
  2. General therapy support sites:
  3. Websites for suicide prevention:
  4. Websites devoted to helping those with substance abuse issues:

IV. IT support:

  • The CSUF IT department has a student helpdesk for questions on Titanium, Titan Online, and all other campus-based software.

V. Career and job support:

VI. Support sites for specific groups of students:

VII. Academic support sites: