Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

  • Your grade records, papers, tests, and communications with me are held in the strictest privacy.
  • Your grades are resident in my personal software, accessible only by me at all times.
  • After grading an assignment, I return all papers in class. All items not picked up in class will be kept in my office (LH524), which I share with nobody else, and which I keep locked up at all times when not there.
  • If you come to my office to pick up a past test of paper, you may be asked to show picture id (if I don’t recognize you, which is rare).
  • At the end of the semester, all unreturned items are taken to my house and put in with the other records for the course. Should you want your past assignments not picked up during the semester, just email me your mailing address and I will mail them to you at my own expense (or if you prefer I can fax them to you).
  • I keep the final exams until the end of the next semester, at which time I shred them. If you desire a copy of your final, again, I will either mail or fax it to you.