Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Bulletins–PH 120–Introduction to Ethics–Fall 2020–Mon, Weds 1:00-2:15 pm–ZOOM online

Bulletins–PH 120–Introduction to Ethics–Fall 2020–Mon, Weds 1:00-2:15 pm–ZOOM online

  • Short Paper #2: Bentham/Mill reading for PH120
  • Due Thursday 10/15/20 at 11:00 pm
  • Answer the following questions in 3-10 sentences each. DO NOT QUOTE, but only paraphrase in your own words. Do not copy the questions, just number, and separate your answers. Keep your paper to about 2 pages, double-spaced.
  • Read the Bentham reading in Johnson (pp. 208-217) and answer: 
    1. What does Bentham mean by the concept of “utility”?
  • 2. What does Bentham think of terms like “the Nation”, “the State”, “the People”, or “the Community”?
  • 3. What are the criteria for “valuing” (i.e., measuring the amount of) a pleasure or a pain? And what other circumstances must be taken into account to measure the pleasure of pain produced by an act.
  • Read the Mill reading in Johnson ((pp. 218-244) and answer:
  • 4. In chapter II, how does Mill answer the charge that the doctrine that pleasure is the only desirable thing is in fact a doctrine that represents human nature in a degrading, swinish way?
  • 5. How does Mill say that we can tell if one type of pleasure is superior to another?
  • 6. What does Mill think a “life of happiness” would be like and what does he think holds most people back from attaining such a life?
  • FOR ALL SHORT PAPERS: the Turnitin enrollment key is PH120F2020, the class ID is 26230748. You submit the paper to Turnitin, then send the paper with the “class homepage” summary showing your name and a zero percent duplication score attached to it to me at
  • Use that email ONLY for the short papers; all other questions and correspondence should go to my regular email.
ZOOM lectures:
  1. Monday 8/24/2020 (the first four minutes are my waiting for people to log in)…lecture.
  2. Wednesday 8/26/2020 (the lecture starts at 11:08 into the recording)…lecture.
  3. Monday 8/31/2020…lecture.
  4. Wednesday 9/2/2020…lecture.
  5. Monday 9/7/2020…no lecture (Labor Day holiday).
  6. Wednesday 9/9/2020…lecture.
  7. Monday 9/14/2020…lecture (audio only–Zoom did not record video).
  8. Wednesday 9/16/2020…lecture.
  9. Monday 9/21/2020…lecture.
  10. Wednesday 9/23/2020…lecture.
  11. Monday 9/28/2020…lecture.
  12. Wednesday 9/30/2020…lecture.
  13. Monday 10/5/2020….test #1, no lecture.
  14. Wednesday 10/7/2020…lecture.
  15. Monday 10/12/2020…lecture.
  16. Wednesday 10/14/2020…lecture.
  17. Monday 10/19/2020…lecture.
1. syllabus
2. Reading Lecture #1: The Schools of Philosophy in the Ancient World.
3. Reading lecture #2: The Utilitarians.