Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Bulletins–PH 320–Contemporary Moral Issues–Fall 2019–TuTh 4:00-5:15pm–Irvine Campus

Bulletins–PH 320–Contemporary Moral Issues–Fall 2019–TuTh 4:00-5:15pm–Irvine Campus


  1. The online reading list is now posted–see page 1 of the Contemporary Moral Issues Resource Center.
  2. Exam #1 scores now posted. High score was 48 (congrats, Mr. Dalen). 100% was set at 46. Under this curve, there were: 8 As; 10 Bs; 4 Cs; 4Ds; and 5 Fs. That is, 60% of you scored A or B. Good job.
  3. For all exams, you will need a No. 2 pencil; a Scantron form 882-E; and a CLEAN eraser.
  4. For all papers, Turnitin enrollment key = ContempMI, class ID = 22211956.
  5. Short Paper #1 grades now posted.
  6. Short paper #2 will be due Tuesday, Oct 8.  Short Paper #2: Civil Asset Forfeiture: Read “Reverse Robin Hood” by Mary Kate Leahy, and answer in your own words (no quoting allowed) the following questions. Your answers should be 2-5 sentences per point—don’t just state, but explain briefly—the points you make. You will be graded on the number of points you EXPLAIN. Minimum 2 pages, maximum of 2½ pages, double-spaced, please.
    1. What is “Civil Asset Forfeiture”?
    2. How does it differ from Criminal Asset Forfeiture?
    3. What makes it legal?
    4. How has it expanded recently?
    5. What was the original rationale for this practice?
    6. How much money is now being seized annually?
    7. What reasons does the article raise to suspect this practice is being abused? (NB: There are at least a half dozen reasons raised)
    8. How does Public Choice Theory explain these apparent abuses as being the obvious predictable consequences of this law?


  1. Syllabus