Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Bulletins–PH 312–Business Ethics–Spring 2020–MW 11:30 am-12:45 pm–Fullerton Campus

Bulletins–PH 312–Business Ethics–Spring 2020–MW 11:30 am-12:45 pm–Fullerton Campus


1. For the dates 3/19 (Thursday) through 3/24 (Tuesday) online lecturing is suspended. It will resume Wednesday 3/25.
2. Starting Wednesday, we will use Zoom to teach virtually. THE LINK ADDRESS IS:
3.NEW CHANGE (3/25/20): given the difficulties I am having transitioning to Titanium and checking attendance on Zoom, I have decided to just give everyone a 100% in attendance for the whole class. The score is now posted on Titanium.
4. FIRST CHANGE: going forward, on all papers, you will turn in the paper on, then simply email me the Word document with the class homepage or other proof of zero duplication score pasted to the end of the paper. EMAIL ALL PAPERS TO, not my regular account.
5. SECOND CHANGE: Effective immediately, I won’t be seeing students IN PERSON in my office (LH-524) during office hours. You can either call me at the office number: 657-278-6744; or you can add me to Skype and talk to me online.
6. For all three tests, you will need only three things: a Scantron form 882-E; a #2 pencil; and a clean eraser.
7. For all papers, use enrollment key PH312Full and class ID 23660428. NOTE: the enrollment key is case sensitive: don’t type in “PH312FULL” but “PH312Full”.
8. TERM PAPER IS DUE WEDNESDAY APRIL 8th. Five pages, NOT COUNTING the works cited and title pages. All term papers must have a title page and a works-cited (bibliography) page.
9. PH312 Short paper #3 grades now posted.

Recorded lectures:

  1. Weds 3/18/20 link.
  2. Weds 2/25/20 link:

 Class handouts:

1. Syllabus