Professor Gary Jason, PhD | Bulletins–PH 105–Critical Thinking–Fall 2020–Mon, Weds 8:30-9:45 am–ZOOM online

Bulletins–PH 105–Critical Thinking–Fall 2020–Mon, Weds 8:30-9:45 am–ZOOM online

  • On the Tutorials, you can take them any number of times between now and the end of the semester. The time limit on any attempt is 30 minutes. When you submit your answers, the corrections will be visible. They do NOT count for your grade. You are able to take the homework assignments only once, with a time limit of 10 minutes (for ten multiple-choice questions. You have two weeks to take them. Your homework grades will be added together with the project and curved at the end of the semester.
  • Tutorial number
    Homework number
    Homework due date
    2.1; 2.2
    2.1; 2.2
    3.1a; 3.1b; 3.1c; 3.2a; 3.2b; 3.3
    3.1a; 3.1b; 3.1c; 3.2a; 3.2b; 3.3
    4.2; 4.3; 4.4a; 4.4b
    4.2; 4.3; 4.4a; 4.4b
    6.4a, 6.4b
    6.4a, 6.4b
    9/30/20 11:00 pm.
    6.4c, 6.4d
     6.4c, 6.4d, 6.9
    10/6/20 11:00 pm.
    8.2, 8.3
    8.2, 8.3
    10/13/20 11:00 pm.
    8.4a, 8.4b
    8.4a, 8.4b, 8.4c
    10/15/20 11:00 pm.
  • I have posted the computed grades for the first test. The high score was 48 (congrats, Ms. Pham and Ms. Zarate). I pegged 46 as the 100% mark. To compute your grade, divide your actual score by 46 and multiply by 100, and round to the whole number. Under this scoring, there were: 11 As; 6 Bs; 10 Cs; 14 Ds; 7 Fs. I suspect some of you did not take my advice and memorize the review questions…for those who scored D or F, if you score a C or better on the next test, I will replace this score with that.
Zoom lectures:
  1. Monday 8/24/2020 (Zoom glitch–only recorded audio–first 16 minutes or so is roll call–lecture begins at 16:30)…lecture.
  2. Wednesday 8/26/2020…lecture.
  3. Monday 8/31/2020…lecture.
  4. Wednesday 9/2/2020…lecture.
  5. Monday 9/7/2020…no lecture–Labor Day holiday.
  6. Wednesday 9/9/2020…lecture.
  7. Monday 9/14/2020…lecture.
  8. Wednesday 9/16/2020…lecture.
  9. Monday 9/21/2020…lecture.
  10. Wednesday 9/23/2020…lecture.
  11. Monday 9/28/2020…lecture.
  12. Wednesday 9/30/2020…lecture.
  13. Monday 10/5/2020…lecture.
  14. Wednesday 10/7/2020…lecture.
  15. Monday 10/12/2020…lecture.
  16. Wednesday 10/14/2020…no lecture…test #1.
  17. Monday 10/19/2020…lecture.
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